Investors/ Developers

At Mandala, we work closely with Investors/ Developers to achieve their vision and maximize returns. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Working with existing investors

Mandala are committed to provide investors with as much transparency as possible to allow them to assess and monitor their investment via our online portal tarhf.com.au. We understand that as an Investor-Developer you want to maximise your returns. But we don’t just narrow gaze at the bottom-line. We take into account the whole process – so we can ensure you have best value outcomes and solutions.

We have expertise in deal-making, branding, tax structures, finance and investment advice. We help you know when to buy in, how to build value and how to exit when needed.

New builds and renovations

Our suite of services cover the whole life-cycle of your business or project. Mandala can guide you in the initial planning phase, help to navigate the construction process, advise on building set up, design and decor, branding, as well as manage the pre-opening phase and help supply the services and systems you will need to establish a successful hotel that runs smoothly.

Renovations are a key aspect of the Mandala success story and growth to date. Properties benefit from improved profits, asset longevity and enhanced market value.

Contact Us

Mandala Hospitality Group offers a tailored approach to all clients. For more information on how we can support your needs please get in touch.