Asset Management

Hospitality Asset Management is a unique service. Mandala has a wealth of experience as Asset Managers – both regionally and on global scale. Asset Managers are usually appointed by owners to help oversee hotel operators, lift value and provide an essential conduit between ownership and management.  

We Work On The Business, Not In It

We specialize in providing expert support to hotel owners who want to manage their properties more efficiently and effectively. Our team can help owners deal with a range of issues such as structuring, operational oversight, alternative uses, space alloaction, branding, finance and capex. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their ownership objectives are reflected in the management and operations of their hotels. We help set management objectives, budgets, and conduct performance reviews to ensure that the hotel is running smoothly.

Our Asset Managers act as a focus point for your operations team in making higher-level day-to-day decisions for hotel operations, which is particularly useful when there are multiple owners involved. We can help steer major decisions affecting the business of the hotel, such as specialist marketing, operational, recruitment, procurement, and positioning and branding.

We strive to realise synergies from your hotel

This may involve drawing benefits from other hotels or properties owned by the group, supply relationships and key customers. Our team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your investment, and we are committed to delivering exceptional results.

We Add Value In Several Areas

We provide expertise and specialist skills that are not generally available to the hotel or its ownership. We can help in providing cost savings, revenue enhancement or product offering. Our wide range of services.

  • REVPAR improvement
  • market penetration
  • financial restructuring
  • working capital management
  • operational efficiencies
  • improved guest satisfaction
  • quality standards and awards
  • branding and repositioning
  • recruitment and HR management
  • litigation and crisis management
  • tax and structural issues

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Mandala Hospitality Group offers a tailored approach to all clients. For more information on how we can support your needs please get in touch.