Berry, NSW

This 25 room, 4 star boutique property was purchased in 2007 for $3.6 million as a freehold business. This business showed great opportunity for growth in a supply constrained town with an initial yield of 12% to investors.

Mandala’s Approach

The property always enjoyed strong weekend demand but did not increased its prices to reflect that demand. Mandala implemented yield management, minimum nights stays and packaging to lift revenue and profitability dramatically. A long and slow renovation meant that the property was constantly being refreshed and renovations were funded over time from renovations. Mid-week business was lifted by targeted marketing campaigns and social media. Mandala invested heavily into the local community as one of the larger employers in town.

    Investing in the right areas

    Rather than doing a major renovation all at once, Mandala adopted a continuous upgrade plan. Customers realised work was constantly being done and felt more comfortable paying a higher price as they could see constant improvements. Mandala added a large number of inexpensive items that tremendously enhanced guest experience.

    Our Results

    By implementing Mandala’s strategy of product enhancement, targeted marketing, and operational effectiveness, the hotel’s yield increased by 4X and the capital uplift more than 6X.

    Spa Deluxe room at Berry Village Boutique Motel. Luxury and indulgence.

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