Bathurst, NSW

The following case study showcases a classic example of a good property that was being run in a substandard manner. With the right knowledge and minimal expense, the property was pushed to outperform in the market.

Mandala’s Approach

Significant enhancements have been made to improve overall appeal and market position. These include a rebranding from Quality Inn to Mantra, as well as a strategic renovation initiative.

Investing in the right areas

The renovation effort involved repainting the visible exterior, refurbishing the lobby spaces and guest lounge, upgrading the exterior and landscaping, and adding keylocks for enhanced security. Additionally, new signage has been installed throughout the hotel to improve visibility and brand recognition. The result of these improvements is a hotel that is now poised to offer guests an exceptional experience and is positioned for success in a highly competitive market.

Our Results

The rebranding, strategic marketing initiatives, and renovation efforts have yielded significant improvements in both Revenue and ADR. The revenue has increased notably from $2.2m to $2.7m in the first year alone. Furthermore, a revaluation carried out after six months has already demonstrated a 10% surge in the capital value.

This outcome serves as a prime illustration of a high-quality property that was previously being managed in a suboptimal manner but has now been effectively upgraded with minimal expenses and is successfully outperforming the market.

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