Flagship Projects

Mandala’s team ran three of the World’s premiere properties for a member of the Brunei Royal Family. These included Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles, New York Palace and Plaza Athénée in Paris.

Mandala’s Involvement

All the above hotels are among the highest quality hotels in their markets and all achieve (frequently) highest REVPAR in their competitive set. Mandala’s team set and led implementation of strategy for all areas of the hotels including competitive position, options, positioning, branding, public perception and relations, marketing, human resources and all operational areas.

Cost Control

  • Developed new concept for analysis of optimal floor space usage based on EVA
  • Re-engineered work practices to achieve substantial ($5+million) annual savings.
  • Renegotiated major supply contracts to achieve substantial ($4+million) annual savings.
  • Introduced supply sourcing programs to reduce purchasing costs by $2 million (including reducing food costs to 16% in one property).
  • Reduced staffing levels by more than 10% by analysing work practices and procedures (in addition to staff reductions from 9/11).
  • All above programs were achieved while maintaining or enhancing quality of product.

Systematic Approach

  • Commenced program to realise synergies between the hotels.
  • Redesigned marketing plans and staffing to ensure systemic approach to marketing and sales efforts to achieve substantial lift in sales performance with lower costs.
  • Developed key relationships to promote business and enhance performance. For example, established key account management program, joint promotion / representation, reciprocity programs, GDS suppliers etc.
  • Oversaw major capex programs including two bars, new PMS systems and set 5 year plans

Crisis Management

  • Led response to 9/11 tragedy including re-engineering staffing levels and practices to deal with the swift and substantial reduction in demand.
  • Maintained excellent union relations in some of the toughest unionised environments. 
  • Dealt with major litigation involving previous management.
  • Dealt with serious integrity issues and introduced utmost honesty culture.

Our Results

 Our involvement saved this group more than $10 million in staffing and procurement costs.

We built a new team to replace prior sub-optimal management (renovated, hired and fired). This resulted in culture change / shifted focus of management and staff to business mind-set. We enhanced quality programs and feedback from staff, guests and suppliers regaining recognition awards for improved quality.

All hotels now make more profit on less turnover (revenue drop due to 9/11) – REVPAR yield increased for all properties during tenure.


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